rVetlink overview and defaults

Integration with rVetLink enables a referral practice to see and manage incoming referrals from within Cornerstone using the Cornerstone Referral Request List and Referral Request Details windows. A subscription and account validation steps are required. rVetlink overview Setup overview Once

Using rVetlink for referrals

Learn how to use rVetlink integration with Cornerstone to manage referrals seamlessly. Using the referral request list Once rVetlink credentials are validated, you can view and manage referrals from the rVetLink portal in the Cornerstone Referral Request List. Navigate to

Referral relationship management overview

Referral Relationship Management offers specialists a comprehensive solution for managing relationships with referring veterinarians (RDVMs). With these referral management features, specialists and their staff can easily monitor activity relating to RDVMs and their patients. Set up overview General setup rVetLink

Set up referral relationship management

Set up and manage doctors and hospitals that refer patients to your practice. Set up doctor classifications How doctor classifications are used is determined by what is best for your practice. One possible use for this field is to enter