Vital Signs overview

The Vital Signs window gives you a central location to review historical vital signs for a patient and allows you to identify changes more easily in a patient’s health through comparative trending and graphing. Using the Vital Signs window, you can

Vital Signs usage

Learn how to enter and utilize weight and other vital signs for a patient. Viewing weight and vital sign history Navigate to Patient Clipboard > select patient > Vital Signs tab. View and graph weight and vital sign entries, from

Manage partnerships

Set up partnerships to group clients under a single client ID for invoicing purposes when more than one client is financially responsible for a patient/herd. Partnerships are necessary to use the split billing processing. This type of client setup and

Diagnostic codes

Use the Diagnostic Code list to enter a diagnosis in a patient’s medical history to track patients with particular disorders and characteristics or for insurance billing. The AAHA diagnostic code list is provided for you. Setup a diagnostic codes Navigate

Patient Clipboard

The Patient Clipboard is designed to display all aspects of a patient’s records, including owner information. With tabs and right-click menus, the Patient Clipboard is the most efficient way to navigate Cornerstone and to perform many client and patient functions

Patient reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for patient reports such as patients with overdue reminders, patients of a specific breed, patients seen in a specific time frame and more. Common patient reports Tip: Set key reports as a favorite to

Setting up and maintaining a patient’s reminders 

Reminders are a critical aspect of your practice to encourage return visits and promote patient adherence to healthcare recommendations and continue client engagement after visits.  Patient reminder setup and strategy overview Reminder strategies A reminder strategy for generating and sending/completing

Patient Colors

Use Colors to help identify your patients. Colors Navigate to Controls > Colors. Add a patient color Modify a patient color Delete a patient color Note: Patients with the associated color will continue to display with the color on the

Problem categories and list

The Problem List provides a list of common presenting medical ailments and issues. This list can be used when entering medical notes on the patient record. Categories are used to organize and search the problem list. You must set up

Purge clients and patients

Purging aged records that are no longer needed reduces the amount of displayed client accounts and patient medical history and decreases the size of reports that include history. Removing outdated client and patient records also declutters your client and patient