Travel sheets

Create custom travel sheets with frequently used products and services to use in your practice. You can use travel sheets in your Cornerstone system to easily add invoice items to estimates, invoices, or Patient Visit Lists. Travel sheets can also

Purge clients and patients

Purging aged records that are no longer needed reduces the amount of displayed client accounts and patient medical history and decreases the size of reports that include history. Removing outdated client and patient records also declutters your client and patient

Using the Patient Visit List

The Patient Visit List (PVL) is a key part of Cornerstone workflow. It captures and stores charges from activities that are then transferred to an invoice, when ready to check the patient out. This prevents missed charges. Learn about all

Merge clients and patients

Learn how to merge client and patient records in the event duplicate accounts occurred and both have activity, or separate accounts were maintained for a single patient and now want to be combined into a single account.   Setup Client

Change patient ownership

Patients can have one or more owners, with each owner assigned a percentage for a total of 100%.  A patient can also ‘be transferred’ to another owner, in cases of an adoption or change in ownership. From the Patient Owner

Patient defaults

Use patient defaults to save time when setting up new patients to include selections you use most frequently, like patient classification and species, or preferences like reminder entry format. Setup Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Patient Additional

Species and breeds

Create and update the default species and associated breeds to be used in patient setup. Setup new species and breeds Updating species and breeds Delete species and breeds Additional information Related Reports