Purge clients and patients

Purging aged records that are no longer needed reduces the amount of displayed client accounts and patient medical history and decreases the size of reports that include history. Removing outdated client and patient records also declutters your client and patient

Mass Markup Tool

Use the mass markup tool to make global pricing changes to your service and inventory type invoice items including base prices, minimum prices and dispensing fees. In addition, you can add or remove taxes, discounts, or dispensing items.    

Multi-Location Single Database (MLSD) for Cornerstone Guide

Use this guide to determine if Multi-Location Single Database is a good fit for your practice. What is Multi-location single database (MLSD)? Cornerstone’s Multi-Location Single Database feature allows you to share a single database/instance among multiple practice locations. Key features

Merge clients and patients

Learn how to merge client and patient records in the event duplicate accounts occurred and both have activity, or separate accounts were maintained for a single patient and now want to be combined into a single account.   How to

Cornerstone glossary

A guide to frequently used terms and phrases with examples and organized by category. General Inventory Reporting

Appointment Scheduler: Changing time increments

Changing the time increment used on the Appointment Scheduler after setting up and using the schedule is a multi-step process and should be carefully considered before proceeding. The essential steps include: Instructions Step one: Reactivate staff and print reports Report

Reports: How to search, run, and print

Create/run a report, apply sort and filtering as needed, then preview, print, or save the report to file. Search for a report To browse all available reports, click [+] to open an individual report category group and display the reports

Create and maintain Cashier IDs

Setup Cashier IDs to require a password and track Staff IDs when payments are applied. Setup a Cashier ID Update Cashier IDs Delete a Cashier ID Additional information Related reports