Document FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about setting up and using medical notes and correspondence documents.

Set up and manage client records

Create new clients as needed for scheduling, invoicing and patient ownership transfer purposes. Enter and update contact information, notes, referral and financial details using the Client Information window. Information should be entered as you want it to display in windows,

Client account overview

The Client Account window and Account information tab on the Patient Clipboard can be used to view a client’s account history, credit code, aged balance amounts, transaction details, and perform financial tasks. Client Account window access and differences Access There

Fixing a client balance FAQs

Common client accounting issues and the best solutions to fix them. Other resources

New to Cornerstone Collection

Whether you are a new user to Cornerstone, adding a new team member, or just need a refresher, this collection has everything you need to get up and running quickly. Cornerstone Quick Reference Guide Library Quick reference guides provide all

Invoice item list

Use the Invoice Item List to search for, view, create, and update invoice items. Accessing the Invoice Item List Navigate to Lists > Invoice Item. Display window Adjust the window display by one or more of the following: Invoice Item

Online Payment requests

Subscribers to Cornerstone Payments integrated card processing can opt to enroll in Online Payments, which can send a payment request via email or text as part of your established invoicing and payment workflows. Once a payment is made and processed,

Cornerstone glossary

A guide to frequently used terms and phrases with examples and organized by category. General Inventory Reporting

Appointment Scheduler: Schedule for Today window overview

The Schedule for Today window is the main Appointment Scheduler window used for viewing, scheduling, and tracking patient appointments. From this window you can: Access and navigation The Appointment Scheduler can be accessed from multiple pathways. Most commonly used are

Appointment Scheduler: Managing appointments

Schedule, modify, confirm, move, and cancel appointments. Schedule an appointment Confirm an appointment Note: When an appointment is confirmed, the button changes to Unconfirm. Modify an appointment Move an appointment Cancel an appointment Additional Information Related reports Resources