Patient reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for patient reports such as patients with overdue reminders, patients of a specific breed, patients seen in a specific time frame and more. Common patient reports Tip: Set key reports as a favorite to

Invoice item reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for invoice item reports such as a list of current prices, active items, who bought specific items in a specific time frame, and more. Common invoice item reports Tip: Set key reports as a

Client reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for client reports such as who your top clients are, client mailing and email addresses, clients who owe money, new clients and more. Commonly asked for client reports Tip: Set key reports as a

Appointment Scheduler: Create a scheduling note for staff

Use the Notes feature to communicate general scheduling information. Examples: closing time for holiday, doctor on vacation, lunch meeting details or potential waiting list clients.  Add a scheduling note Modify a scheduling note View a scheduling note Delete a scheduling

Problem categories and list

The Problem List provides a list of common presenting medical ailments and issues. This list can be used when entering medical notes on the patient record. Categories are used to organize and search the problem list. You must set up

Working with prescriptions

The Prescription Labels feature in Cornerstone allows you to:  Create a prescription Start a prescription from the patient or from entering a prescribed item on the Patient Visit List (PVL) or on an invoice. Navigate to any of the following:

Travel sheets

Create custom travel sheets with frequently used products and services to use in your practice. You can use travel sheets in your Cornerstone system to easily add invoice items to estimates, invoices, or Patient Visit Lists. Travel sheets can also

Searching for clients and patients

Use either the Client List or Patient List windows, or the Patient Search tool to find and manage specific clients and patients. These lists are accessible through corresponding ID fields in various Cornerstone windows. Alternatively, you can use the search

Invoicing Overview

Invoicing is the process of documenting the sale of goods and services performed on a patient and requesting payment from a client. It’s used for record-keeping, accounting and taxation purposes. During the invoice process, Cornerstone updates the reminder information and

Working with invoices

Cornerstone contains many features that allow you to create comprehensive invoices. You can place more than one patient on the same owner’s invoice. Posted invoices are the source of data used for revenue and activity-based reporting. Create an invoice Navigate