Invoicing FAQs

Answers to the most common invoicing questions. Other resources

Using the Patient Visit List

The Patient Visit List (PVL) is a key part of Cornerstone workflow. It captures and stores charges from activities that are then transferred to an invoice, when ready to check the patient out. This prevents missed charges. Learn about all

Check patients in and out

Learn how to check patients in and out as Cornerstone and the benefits of doing so. Benefits of Check-in/out Check patients in and out as they arrive and depart to maintain an accurate medical history and picture of practice activity.

Daily Planner

The Daily Planner is a one-stop screen, designed to manage information pertaining to patients currently being seen at the practice. From the Daily Planner, you can view and work with: Access and Navigation Navigate to Toolbar > Daily Planner >

Appointment Scheduler: Locate and Find appointment options

Use Locate to search for a client’s existing appointments. Use Find to search for an available appointment based on entered criteria such as staff, time, and days of week.  Locate an existing appointment Find an available appointment Navigate to Toolbar

Appointment Scheduler: Copy and paste appointments

Use copy/paste of appointments or blocks to quickly setup: Copy/paste appointments Additional Information Related Reports Resources

Appointment Scheduler: View appointment details

Hover of or click an appointment from the Schedule for Today window to quickly see an appointment’s details.   View appointment details Additional Information Related Reports Resources

Appointment Scheduler: Using the Tickler File

Tickler File is used to store canceled (deleted) appointments and prompts user to use original appointment information when rescheduling clients that canceled a previous appointment.  Cancel an appointment Review the Tickler File Schedule with the Tickler File information Additional Information

Appointment Scheduler: Print today’s schedule

Quickly Print the Schedule for Today window with a single click. The Today’s Report displays the same information in grid format for all rooms in the selected suite. Print today’s schedule Additional Information Related Reports Resources

Set up and manage patients

Enter and update patient details and reminders using the Patient Information window. Information should be entered as you want it to appear in windows, reports and when printed. Entered information also populates patient bookmarks that can be used in document