Client account management: Writing off and reinstating client accounts

Writing off a client sets their account balance to zero, inactivates their account, and adds an alert to their account. Reinstate the client to restore the balance, reactivate the client, an update the alert. Write off If you try to

Online Payment requests

Subscribers to Cornerstone Payments integrated card processing can opt to enroll in Online Payments, which can send a payment request via email or text as part of your established invoicing and payment workflows. Once a payment is made and processed,

Client account management: Adjusting a balance

Use account adjustments to modify a client’s account balance. This should not be done for correcting payment errors and only for specific reasons explained in this article. When to perform an adjustment Adjustments are used in the following situations: Note:

Client account management: Voiding invoices

Void an invoice to reverse billing items in patient history and reporting. Use this option when charges are put under the wrong staff, and more. When to void an invoice Voiding an invoice should be done in the following instances:

Client Account Management: Entering payments

Payments are entered on an invoice or directly on a client account. Payments can be entered at any time, with or without an existing balance. Multiple payments can be entered and combined in the payment window if a client is

Account defaults

Account defaults can be set for frequently used selections when working with client payments, returned checks, and account adjustments.   Setup Navigate to Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Account. Additional information

Payment types and credit codes

Setup and modify payment types and credit codes to be used to determine which payments can be taken from clients. Setup or modify a payment type Payment types are used to manage the payments your practice accepts and how information

Discount Setup and Management

Setup discounts to use on estimates, PVLs, invoices, and client settings. Discounts can be applied to invoice items individually or automatically when an invoice item and client settings match. Add or modify discounts Add discounts to individual items Add discounts