Client Account collection

Get help now with managing client accounts and records, using our collection of resources. Check out these courses to learn how to navigate the Client Account window and some of the most common client accounting tasks. Payments and integrated payments

Patient Clipboard

The Patient Clipboard is designed to display all aspects of a patient’s records, including owner information. With tabs and right-click menus, the Patient Clipboard is the most efficient way to navigate Cornerstone and to perform many client and patient functions

Client reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for client reports such as who your top clients are, client mailing and email addresses, clients who owe money, new clients and more. Commonly asked for client reports Tip: Set key reports as a

Invoicing Overview

Invoicing is the process of documenting the sale of goods and services performed on a patient and requesting payment from a client. It’s used for record-keeping, accounting and taxation purposes. During the invoice process, Cornerstone updates the reminder information and

Client account overview

The Client Account window and Account information tab on the Patient Clipboard can be used to view a client’s account history, credit code, aged balance amounts, transaction details, and perform financial tasks. Client Account window access and differences Access There

Client account management: Voiding payments

Posted payments, including change given, can be voided in cases of an entry error. Void a payment on account Navigate to either: Voiding a payment posted on an invoice Additional information Related reports Resources

Client account management: Returns and refunds

Instructions and tips on returning and refunding a client account. Return and refund examples How to return and refund items Additional information Related reports Resources

Fixing a client balance FAQs

Common client accounting issues and the best solutions to fix them. Other resources

Client account management: Returned checks

Returning a previously posted check will add the check amount and service charge to the client’s accounts receivable balance and add a client alert, if applicable. Entering a returned check Comments After performing a returned check, you can enter an

Client account management: Transferring a balance

Transfer balances and credits between client accounts. The transfer appears in both clients’ account histories. Transfer a balance Comment After performing a transfer, it is best practice to enter an account comment to explain the reason for the transfer. Comments