Departing instructions

Use departing instructions to explain after treatment care such as post anesthesia or vaccine expectations or maintaining a bandage. Uses for departing instructions Setup departing instructions Navigate to Lists > Departing Instructions.  New instructions Update instructions Delete departing instructions How

Using the Patient Visit List

The Patient Visit List (PVL) is a key part of Cornerstone workflow. It captures and stores charges from activities that are then transferred to an invoice, when ready to check the patient out. This prevents missed charges. Learn about all

Client account management: Voiding payments

Posted payments, including change given, can be voided in cases of an entry error. Void a payment on account Navigate to either: Voiding a payment posted on an invoice Additional information Related reports Resources

Client account management: Returns and refunds

Instructions and tips on returning and refunding a client account. Return and refund examples How to return and refund items Additional information Related reports Resources

Online Payment requests log

Learn about using Online Payment Request Log to review the status of all online payment requests and other frequently used actions and keywords in Online Payments. Functions From the Payment request log, the following can be done: Navigating the window

Online Payment requests

Subscribers to Cornerstone Payments integrated card processing can opt to enroll in Online Payments, which can send a payment request via email or text as part of your established invoicing and payment workflows. Once a payment is made and processed,

Client account management: Voiding invoices

Void an invoice to reverse billing items in patient history and reporting. Use this option when charges are put under the wrong staff, and more. When to void an invoice Voiding an invoice should be done in the following instances:

Client Account Management: Entering payments

Payments are entered on an invoice or directly on a client account. Payments can be entered at any time, with or without an existing balance. Multiple payments can be entered and combined in the payment window if a client is

Payment types and credit codes

Setup and modify payment types and credit codes to be used to determine which payments can be taken from clients. Setup or modify a payment type Payment types are used to manage the payments your practice accepts and how information

Monthly Invoices, Statements, and Statement Print Options

Monthly Invoices and Statements are printed from the end of month reporting group. Statements include all transaction history (invoices, payments, adjustments, etc.) for the period. Invoice details for both posted and closed invoices can be provided within the statement or