CareCredit® integration 

CardCredit integration is available at no cost to you, starting with Cornerstone 9.5. Using the CareCredit integration is an easy, self-guided setup that enables additional payment options to either process a payment directly or email/text a payment link using CareCredit’s

Create and maintain Cashier IDs

Create Cashier IDs to require a password and track Staff IDs when payments are applied. Setup a Cashier ID Navigate to Lists > Cashier ID. Update Cashier IDs Navigate to Lists > Cashier ID. Delete a Cashier ID Navigate to

Payment types and credit codes

Setup and modify payment types and credit codes to be used to determine which payments can be taken from clients. Setup or modify a payment type Payment types are used to manage the payments your practice accepts and how information

Split billing process

Split Billing allows you to divide the total owed to the practice between multiple owners of a patient, when the owners/clients are set up in a partnership. The billing is based on the percentage of ownership of the members within

Patient Clipboard

The Patient Clipboard is designed to display all aspects of a patient’s records, including owner information. With tabs and right-click menus, the Patient Clipboard is the most efficient way to navigate Cornerstone and to perform many client and patient functions

Invoice types

Learn how to assign invoice types to prevent saved invoices from closing during end-of-month processing. Example: prescription pick up or hospitalization.There are limited reporting options for invoice types. Setup invoice types Navigate to Controls > Invoice Types.  Delete invoice types

Travel sheets

Create custom travel sheets with frequently used products and services to use in your practice. You can use travel sheets in your Cornerstone system to easily add invoice items to estimates, invoices, or Patient Visit Lists. Travel sheets can also

Discounting methods and reporting options

There are multiple methods that can be used to provide ‘discounts’ to your clients. Each method has its own use considerations and specific reports to track activity and measure impact. Discount methods There are six ways to set up discounts

Reprinting a receipt for a card payment

If you process credit card/debit card transactions or integrated card payment transactions in Cornerstone, you can reprint a transaction receipt. You can reprint credit card receipts from your payment processor’s portal, using the Order ID. If you have EdgeExpress® you

Invoicing Overview

Invoicing is the process of documenting the sale of goods and services performed on a patient and requesting payment from a client. It’s used for record-keeping, accounting and taxation purposes. During the invoice process, Cornerstone updates the reminder information and