Group invoice item setup and management

Set up group items with invoice items you often invoice together, such as a dental, to save time and avoid missed charges. When you add a group to a billing window, all items in the group are added. ‘Smart’ features

Pick invoice item setup and management

Pick lists allow you to quickly choose one or more items from a list of related invoice items when entering charges on an estimate, Patient Visit List (PVL), document, or invoice.  Pick lists are also often used as part of

Inventory Item Setup and Management

Inventory type invoice items are used for both billing and inventory management purposes. The invoice item type determines how revenue is tracked through service vs. inventory sales reports. Inventory items can also be added to group codes and pick lists.

Invoice Item Setup Tool

This tool can help manage multiple invoice items without exclusive use of your system. The functions available include: Access Tools > Invoice Item Setup Move items Use Move to change QOH and reorder information to a new location. Copy Items

Invoice item classes and subclasses

Setup, update, inactivate, and delete invoice item classes and subclasses. New classification setup Invoice item classifications and optional subclasses are used to organize invoice items. Other uses include: Update an invoice item class Invoice item classes and subclasses cannot be