Units of measure for inventory items

Each inventory type item is billed in some unit of measure. Inventory items can use both a sell unit of measure (SUOM) and a buy unit of measure (BUOM). Setup Additional information Related reports

Inventory setup: Adjustment reasons

Add and manage reasons for adjusting inventory. Adjustment reasons are required when adjusting a quantity on hand amount or editing a lot number or expiration date. Setup adjustment reasons Delete adjustment reasons Adjustment reasons can be deleted they have not

Invoice Item Setup Tool

This tool can help manage multiple invoice items without exclusive use of your system. The functions available include: Access Tools > Invoice Item Setup Move items Use Move to change QOH and reorder information to a new location. Copy Items

Inventory FAQs

Commonly asked questions about inventory.

Vaccine invoice item setup and use

Learn about the best practices for setting up your vaccine items to track lots and expiration dates. Using vaccine tags for all vaccines, not just rabies, is recommended to store vaccine information under the Tags/Microchip ID tab of the patient

Cornerstone glossary

A guide to frequently used terms and phrases with examples and organized by category. General Inventory Reporting