Transfer inventory stock

Use the Find and Transfer Items window to find items and transfer them to another location. This feature is for practices set up with Multi-location inventory. Transfer items from one location to another Navigate to: View or print a stock transfer

Purge inventory

Learn how to purge specific types of inventory information from Cornerstone. How to purge inventory Navigate to Tools > Inventory Purge. Additional information

Inventory reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for inventory reports such as which items are tracking quantity on hand, inventory counts, cost on hand and more. Common inventory reports Tip: Set key reports as a favorite to find quickly in the

End of Year Collection

All the information you need to process end of year within Cornerstone and ensure your system is set for the next year. Use these resources to help you navigate closing/processing your end of year. In addition to the quick guides,

Inventory Collection

Find the inventory information you need now or explore resources to learn how to set up inventory items and inventory features or learn inventory workflow. In addition to the resources below, check out our Professional Services Catalog for additional inventory

Inventory Management: Manage backorders

Add items that are associated with a Cornerstone purchase order to the Backorder List when creating, editing or receiving purchase orders. Edit and cancel backordered items from the Backorder List. Add to backorder list Purchase Order Receipt View and modify

Inventory Management: Receive orders and manage receipts

Use the Receipt List window to view, receive inventory and manage vendor receipts. Receive a purchase order or manually enter a receipt without an order.  Posting inventory receipts updates:     Using the Receipt List Inventory > Receipt List Filters Functions

Inventory Management: Place and manage purchase orders

Use the Order List window to view, place and manage purchase orders. Orders can also be placed from the Purchasing Work List (PWL). Using the Order List Inventory > Order List Filters All purchase orders from past 14 days will display

Inventory Management: view and adjust inventory

Learn how to check quantity on hand (QOH) and adjust quantity, lot numbers and expiration dates, and average cost using the View Quantity on Hand window and the Adjustment List. View Quantity on Hand window Use the View Quantity on

Inventory defaults

Set inventory specific defaults for new inventory items, ordering, history display and verification of inventory details. Available settings differ based on single location (SLI) or multi-location inventory (MLI) configuration. Setup Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Inventory Review