Adding a document to a patient record

Learn how to fill out medical notes and correspondence documents to be added to the patient record and/or printed/emailed. In addition, learn how to add addendums to finalized documents and void documents. Add a document Navigate to the document window

Document FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about setting up and using medical notes and correspondence documents.

Document template overview and setup

Medical notes and correspondence document templates are used for exam notes, consent forms, client handouts, kennel cards, etc. and are managed from the document template list. A variety of templates are provided for you in document categories of Samples and

Document bookmarks

Bookmarks are used to insert specific variable information into a document, like a client name, patient history, practice phone number, etc. They are most commonly used when setting up a document template, but can also be inserted individually when editing

Document template categories

Use document categories to organize your document templates for medical notes and correspondence. Adding a category Updating a category Deleting a category Assigning a category to a document Note: Documents can also be assigned to categories by selecting Edit Properties

Document defaults and favorites

Set preferences for creating, printing, and accessing medical notes and correspondence documents. Set document defaults Set favorite documents The Favorite Documents default allows you to designate a list of the practice’s favorite document templates, which can simplify document template searches