CareCredit® integration 

CardCredit integration is available at no cost to you, starting with Cornerstone 9.5. Using the CareCredit integration is an easy, self-guided setup that enables additional payment options to either process a payment directly or email/text a payment link using CareCredit’s

Email and fax

Email and fax communications allow you to easily share patient information with clients, specialty, referral, and emergency facilities. Communications are recorded in patient history and can be accessed from the Communication Log and Client Communications tab of the Patient Clipboard.

Configuring email from Cornerstone

When emailing from Cornerstone, you can select the staff you want the email to be sent from in the top right corner of the Communication window. If that staff has staff-specific email settings set up, those will be used. If

Online Payment requests

Subscribers to Cornerstone Payments integrated card processing can opt to enroll in Online Payments, which can send a payment request via email or text as part of your established invoicing and payment workflows. Once a payment is made and processed,