Manage partnerships

Set up partnerships to group clients under a single client ID for invoicing purposes when more than one client is financially responsible for a patient/herd. Partnerships are necessary to use the split billing processing. This type of client setup and

Patient Clipboard

The Patient Clipboard is designed to display all aspects of a patient’s records, including owner information. With tabs and right-click menus, the Patient Clipboard is the most efficient way to navigate Cornerstone and to perform many client and patient functions

9.5 Release highlights

Check out some of the new and updated features in Cornerstone 9.5. For more information on Cornerstone 9.5, explore our other resources. Reports Check these new features out under Reports > Find a Report. Daily Navigation Online payment requests Note:

Client reporting

Learn how to create frequently asked for client reports such as who your top clients are, client mailing and email addresses, clients who owe money, new clients and more. Commonly asked for client reports Tip: Set key reports as a

Discounting methods and reporting options

There are multiple methods that can be used to provide ‘discounts’ to your clients. Each method has its own use considerations and specific reports to track activity and measure impact. Discount methods There are six ways to set up discounts

Purge clients and patients

Purging aged records that are no longer needed reduces the amount of displayed client accounts and patient medical history and decreases the size of reports that include history. Removing outdated client and patient records also declutters your client and patient

Track client referrals

Tracking client referrals is a good business practice to develop thank you programs for clients recommending your practice and to measure advertising budget effectiveness. Since referral tracking is based on client ID, media and other marketing methods and non-specific ‘referring

Merge clients and patients

Learn how to merge client and patient records in the event duplicate accounts occurred and both have activity, or separate accounts were maintained for a single patient and now want to be combined into a single account.   How to

Change patient ownership

Patients can have one or more owners, with each owner assigned a percentage for a total of 100%.  A patient can also ‘be transferred’ to another owner, in cases of an adoption or change in ownership. From the Patient Owner

Set up and manage client records

Create new clients as needed for scheduling, invoicing and patient ownership transfer purposes. Enter and update contact information, notes, referral and financial details using the Client Information window. Information should be entered as you want it to display in windows,