Boarding and Grooming Collection

All the resources you need to setup and manage the Boarding and Grooming module. To quickly schedule a reservation and get an overview of the reservation list, use the Boarding and grooming quick reference guide. In addition to the resources

Boarding setup

Setup the following components and defaults to customize the boarding and grooming module to best manage your boarding patients and charges.  Boarding invoice items Invoice items can be linked to both cage and reservation types. This helps automate boarding fee

Boarding overview and setup checklist

Schedule boarding reservations and check your reservations in and out independently of your clinic/hospital patients. While booking a reservation, you can add invoice items to bill for products and services provided during the patient’s stay, set up special instructions for

Check in and check out boarding reservations

Learn how to check in and out boarding reservations, grooming appointments and how to print boarding documents. Check in a boarding reservation Navigate to Toolbar > Reservation list. Note: If you try to check-in a boarding reservation on a different

Manage boarding reservations

Learn how to create and manage boarding reservations. Using the Reservation List The Reservation List is the main window for Cornerstone Boarding and Grooming. From the Reservation List, you can: Note: Review the Boarding and Grooming Set Up Checklist to

Boarding reports

Cornerstone Boarding and Grooming provides a variety of reports to help keep your boarding facility running smoothly and allows you to track important information for analysis of the business. Print boarding reports Navigate to Reports > Find a Report >