General Ledger setup and usage 

The General Ledger (GL) interface allows you to extract daily or monthly financial data to a file that can be imported into QuickBooks or MYOB Accounting for Windows. The extract can be manual or part of your end of period

Vital Signs setup

Use the Vital Sign List window to manage the vital signs utilized at your practice, including patient weight settings. A default list of vital signs is provided for you. You can also create additional vital signs if needed. The vital

Compliance Assessment Tool setup

Modify provided protocols or create custom protocols linked to your invoice items in accordance with your practice’s standard of care to generate compliance results and reports to look for missed opportunities at a practice and provider level.  Set up a

Setup signature capture devices

Learn how to set up approved signature capture devices to integrate with Cornerstone. Uses for signature capture devices Setup signature capture device Navigate to Tools > Signature Capture Device. Select the type of signature capture device you have and following

Manage partnerships

Set up partnerships to group clients under a single client ID for invoicing purposes when more than one client is financially responsible for a patient/herd. Partnerships are necessary to use the split billing processing. This type of client setup and

Diagnostic codes

Use the Diagnostic Code list to enter a diagnosis in a patient’s medical history to track patients with particular disorders and characteristics or for insurance billing. The AAHA diagnostic code list is provided for you. Setup a diagnostic codes Navigate

Web links

Web Links defaults allow you to add up to four custom links in the Cornerstone Web links menu. This will allow you to directly access your favorite Web sites from all workstations in the practice, directly from Cornerstone. Set up

Postal Code list

If a postal (zip) code is set up through the postal code list, whenever you enter the postal code in a dialog box, the corresponding city and state automatically appear. You can press F2 in any postal code box in

Call back notes list

Create call back notes to quickly insert frequently entered call notes when performing call backs. Add a new call back note Navigate to Lists > Call Back Notes. Modify a call back note Navigate to Lists > Call Back Notes.

Configuring email from Cornerstone

When emailing from Cornerstone, you can select the staff you want the email to be sent from in the top right corner of the Communication window. If that staff has staff-specific email settings set up, those will be used. If